The financial and technology media cites and quotes CIRP frequently. Here is a sampling of that coverage:

Amazon Just Figured Out A Genius Way To Make You Spend More Money - Huffington Post, 3/13/14

People Love Amazon Prime. But Will They Pay More For It? Wall Street Journal, 2/12/14

On BlackBerry 10′s 1st anniversary, BlackBerry’s U.S. market share hits 0% -, 1/30/14

Mobile Plans With No Phone Subsidies Are Winning Over Customers - Wall Street Journal, 1/24/14

Apple's new iPads sell well in U.S., survey suggests - USA Today, 1/20/14

New iPhone 5s Outsells 5c, Older iPhone Models - PC Magazine, 1/14/14

Why Owning an Inexpensive Kindle Could Cost You Hundreds - Time Magazine, 12/15/13

Amazon Prime Accounts Are Exploding In Popularity, Now Up To 16.7 Million - Business Insider, 12/9/14

'Grand Theft Auto Online' potential gold mine for Take-Two - Investor’s Business Daily, 12/6/14

Best Buy accounts for 13% of all mobile retail sales, Apple follows at 11% - Fierce Wireless, 11/26/13


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